Blow Bubbles

Want to be happier? Blow bubbles! Blow a lot of bubbles!

I know, I know! It sounds silly. It sounds childish and immature but don’t you think sometimes that’s what we need? To feel like a child again?

When I first realized how important bubbles are it was in the middle of an episode of Spongebob. Don’t judge, just hear me out. Spongebob set up a booth and was charging 25 cents for bubble blowing lessons. Squidward, being his usual buzzkill self, found it stupid but decided to give it a go anyway. He was so angry at all the crazy steps Spongebob made him take to get to the bubble blowing because that was the proper “technique”. Once he finally succeeded in blowing the bubble, he smiled and that’s rare for the cranky squid.

Look at that smile!

Of course, he smiled before the bubble took off with his house but that part isn’t important. The important thing here is if blowing bubbles can make Squidward smile, imagine how good it could make you feel!

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