Day 6

On a day where my children have been running wild and screaming at the top of their lungs for no other reason than they can, I am grateful.

Somedays, they drive me insane. There are times I wish they had a volume control or a mute button. There are moments when I want to duct tape all three of them to the wall then stuff socks in their mouths but in the end, I am so thankful.

I have three healthy children. I have three children who can lift their voices, who can explore with touch, and who can run as freely as they desire. I am blessed and I am choosing to thank God for these little miracles today.


Day 4

The loudly voiced disappointment from my children when we got them up to drive home from our vacation warmed my heart. I feel like we did right by them on this trip. We gave them memories that they can carry with them forever and none of them felt the need to bring home any over priced suveniors. I feel like that in itself shows us how much they enjoyed just spending time with us and having a good time on rides and exploring the parks at Universal!